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Earth (Version 2.0) - The dynamic planet

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An interactive course exploring geological processes.

An impressive multimedia encounter with the planet earth: its origin, rocks, processes, and energy system. In addition to the latest discoveries, this production provides insights into the tools, methodology and scientific background of geology.

This interactive learning tool takes a detailed look into the phenomena and laws of the Earth’s system as well as the discipline of Earth science and its methodology. As opposed to many of the other planets in our solar system, the earth is very active geologically. Volcanism and earthquakes, mountain building and sedimentation, are elements of a closed and continuous transformation process.

Complex phenomena and processes are vividly illustrated through graphics, photos, films and animations. If you come across terms you don’t understand, a glossary is there to give you a helping hand. A bibliography, an index of places and a formula sheet round out this study tool. And links to numerous international websites help you quickly find further information.

What does the future hold for the Earth’s evolution? What are the origins of our planet? How can we go beyond the few thousand years of human experience to re-construct and predict the Earth’s evolution? The study of Earth science and its branches – geology, geo-physics, mineralogy, and paleontology – attempt to answer these questions through a systematic examination of the Earth’s rocks and their origins, application possibilities and processes.

The authors, Sabine Schmidt, Christoph Heubeck, Hans-Jürgen Götze, Christoph Dobmeier, Simone Elsanowski, Dorothee Mertmann, Ekkehard Scheuber, Michael and Ulla Schudack, David Völker, Ralph Wagner and Peter Giese, are scientists at the Institute for Geological Sciences at the Free University of Berlin. You can learn more about the institute and its work at:   www.fu-berlin.de/geol

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